Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Masks We Wear

This year's costumes: Lleyton was a character from the movie, "Tron." Emi was a Scarey Vampiress (emphasis on scarey). Collin and I were "Good Luck" (form of Golden Buddah) and "Bad Luck" (form of Black Cat) respectively.

The Great Pumpkin

We got out the carving knives Monday afternoon. We had a 1 hour window before leaving for a Halloween party, and a great team. Emi cleaned out the guts, Lleyton applied the pattern (a tedious process of poking holes along the dotted pattern lines) dad carved, and mom supervised. The pumpkin proudly went on the front porch for display along side a big bowl of candy and a sign enscribed by Lleyton that read, "Take one peice. We are watching!"

Alas, upon our return, the candy bowl was empty and the pumpkin was missing. Smashed fleshy, orange remnants littered the street in front. Tears flowed. The kids had experienced their first Halloween "trick."

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Neat-o Ito!

We enjoyed an Ito family reunion in Ogden over the July 4th weekend. We had a great, thought provoking experience, getting to know our roots!

Good times with cousins. . . .

We stopped at the house where Grandpa Jim grew up. Five kids raised in a 2 bedroom house in a neighborhood that wasn't safe if you didn't have black hair. Grandpa Jim and his brother reminisced about old neighborhood kids they grew up with who were now in jail for various unsavory deeds.

Lunch was at Utah Noodle Parlor, an Ito family legacy. Grandpa Jim got a job there as a young teen and worked there for many years. Other family members, including his mother and brother also worked there. To this day, Jim is the family cook. You can count on Jim making fried rice for breakfast, having plenty of chips around, and always sending you on your way with food! He's taught me how to make some mean Sweet and Sour Pork!

On our tour of Old Ito Haunts, Calvin, Preston, and Logan rode in our car. We barely heard a peep out of them. I guess the IPad's, DS's and movie kept them sufficiently entertained between stops!

Friday, July 8, 2011

I caaaaan't go oooooon!!!

It was easy to jet down this canyon trail. . .but going back up was a different story. Seemingly, the kids were very close to having to be flight lifted out. Luckily, the promise of donuts worked equally well.

Natural Wonders

We took a spontaneous trip up to Heber with my college roomate, Shantha, and her family. One of Collin's patient's graciously lent us his mountain cabin. First stop: Tonto Natural Bridge for some mountain goating!

Teach a Kid to Fish

Way easier to get a kid to catch a fish than to eat it~

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


What makes the waves go in and out like that? (the moon). .How come some are big and some are small? (the wind) Why are they all different? (just like when the wind blows it blows inconsistently) Why do some waves come up farther on the shore? (maybe grandpa knows) What is this? (seaweed) Why do we have to leave already?